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Daoist Traditions Presents
2017-2018 Classes in North Carolina

The classes below are sponsored by Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts. All classes take place in Asheville, NC, and pre-registration is required. For additional information and registration details, please click here.

September 15:
Treatment of Eye Conditions

This class is a 1 day workshop entitled “Special Topics in Chinese Medicine: Treatment of Eye Conditions”


Dating back thousands of years to the Shang Dynasty, the study of eye conditions in Chinese Medicine has a detailed and important history. Throughout the practice of Classical Chinese Medicine, the significance of various diagnostic and treatment strategies for eye conditions has maintained its status as a significant specialization. In this workshop, Master Yuen will discuss the structural makeup of the eye, examining not only its complex physical anatomy, but also energetic implications of this particular organ.

The discussion will explore a variety of diagnostic strategies and respective treatment approaches to contemporary eye conditions with a focus on the spiritual and emotional variables that affect our individual reality through the personal perception of our own surroundings.

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September 16-17:
Daoist Meditation and Tai Ji Broadsword

This class is a 2 day workshop entitled “Daoist Meditation and Tai Ji Broadsword”


Day 1 of this class will be held in downtown Asheville at the Hyatt Place.
We will learn about the philosophy of Daoist meditations and the early roots of Qi Gong. Daoist Meditation can be described as Qi Gong of the mind. Daoist meditation focuses on the physical body in order to cultivate the process of liberation. Unlike some traditions that consider the body to be superfluous, Daoism regards the somatic as an honored and necessary component, a vehicle by which we can redeem the spirit. Class will include the practice of standing Qi Gong exercises.

For Day 2 will be held at our conference center, Heaven’s Cloud Event Center, located at 130 Sardis Road, Asheville NC 28806.

We will continue our cultivation experience with an introduction and practice of Tai Ji Broadsword. Tai Ji Broadsword is both a cultivational exercise used for its many health benefits, as well as a way of self-defense. Every bone, sinew and muscle is given a workout in a beautifully flowing Tai Ji form of yin and yang movements. As with any Taijiquan form, the whole body must move in harmony – the arms in harmony with the legs, the shoulders with the elbows, the hips with the knees. In practicing this form, the sword becomes another limb, moving with the body with balance and precision.

Participants should bring either a Tai Ji sword or a wooden stick/dowel, the length from the tip of one’s middle finger of an extended arm to the tip of one’s nose. Participants should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and shoes.

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Daoist Healing Arts Presents
2017 Classes

The classes below are sponsored by Daoist Healing Arts. Pre-registration is required. To register, please send your full name and contact information; check or money order, made out to Daoist Healing Arts; and the name of the specific class you are registering for to: Daoist Healing Arts / 369 Montford Avenue / Asheville, NC 28801. If you have any questions, please click here to email DHA.


Santa Fe, NM
Women in Daoism: Their Impact on Chinese Medicine

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Friday, December 8: 9a-5pm; Saturday, December 9: 9am-4pm; Sunday, December 10: 8a-1pm
Location: Fort Marcy Hotel Suites, Santa Fe, NM
$450 (USD)| 15 CEUs (pending approval)
California Provider #: 666 (category 1) | NCCAOM provider #: 248
Registration is open.