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The Music Within: Composing Your Healing Symphony is a comprehensive 2 DVD set, covering an enormous amount of information. Discover how different sounds affect the body. Identify the derivation and purpose of every sound structure, whether they're chants, mantra, or systems like the Six Healing Sounds.

Learn to compose your own mantras, using the power of your voice, coupled with the healing properties of each individual sound. This vibrational practice serves to root you in the present. The majority of aging arises from the projection of the self into either the future or the past. Target chosen aspects of your health and well-being using this information, imparted by Jeffery Yuen.

Disc One: Working with Awareness: Freeing the Body

Disc Two: Working with Sound: Tuning the Body

The Music Within: Composing Your Healing Symphony- 2 DVD Set

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